Every tattoo artist knows the importance of having kick-ass tattoo supplies.

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Renegades doo started as a small import-export company specifically importing tattoo supplies into Serbia. Over time we began to manufacture some of the product tattoo artist’s use daily such as ink caps clip cords, machine covers, bottle covers, etc.

While reaching out to company’s who could manufacture things such as Vaseline, green soap, and other tattoo related items locally to save on import costs as well as actively utilizing local manufacturers skills to create our latest product Brutal stuff stencil gel, I had given this.

It is providing high quality tattoo supplies that have been globally sourced

We are always looking for the best in tattoo equipment and supplies, and we welcome any suggestions from you. We want to thank you, our valued customer and friend, for your part in the success of this company.

We promise to continue to offer the products that you require at the best possible cost to you.

We produce quality goods and components to the highest standards of manufacture. We do this as it enables us to produce tattoo equipment with a high class of craft and check the quality of the goods we sell. Most importantly, it also helps us to keep the price down to benefit you the customer.

It is becoming the leading tattoo supply company in Serbia.

It is providing high-quality tattoo supplies that have been globally sourced.

We are providing fast and friendly customer service.

Ensuring you get the best product for a great price

We do this to ensure that tattoo artists can focus on their art while trusting us to deliver the quality and reliability they want. We strive to continuously improve our business to meet all of your tattooing needs and welcome any feedback.

We are also offering tattoo suppliers all over the world to join the distribution network.

We are not a big company; we are a small guy, but we do things the right way, and we supply our product only to registered suppliers. Contact us.