Brutal Stuff

Specialty product for the professional tattoo artist

Brutal Stuff stencil gel was designed to make sure your stencil stays locked in place once dried (recommended time 20 minutes for best results). It is 100% non-toxic gel that you massage into the skin before applying the stencil.

Why Brutal Stuff is the best choice?

Buy a product that is lab tested and is certified to global cosmetics standards

We do not test any product on animals.

Brutal stuff MSDS are available to suppliers.

Lab-tested, safe, and non-toxic. MSDS is available.

Brutal Stuff eliminates the need to bloodline or gray line.

If there’s a need to remove the stencil to reposition it, it may be removed with a mixture of 50% green soap and 50% alcohol. Then rinse properly, then you can reapply the same stencil on the same client only.

Brutal Stuff is a product that is designed to ensure tattoo artists' stencils stay fixed in place once dried on the skin.

You will be very surprised at how long it stays locked if you follow our guidelines. Brutal Stuff stencil gel was formulated by a 45 years veteran in the tattoo-business who could see there was a better way to apply stencils. Also, so after a lot of studying, reading, writing notes, and later he began blending, testing, batch after batch just to see the results until it worked as it should. Brutal Stuff stencil gel has been laboratory formulated and tested then certified to be non-toxic, and 100% safe to use as per the MSDS, Brutal stuff has not been tested on animals.

tattoo artists

Brutal Stuff makes crisp, clear and highly detailed stencils which outlasts any other brand, Due to the ingredients it also reduces the possibility of cross-contamination while at the same time moisturizing the skin

Also, most significantly, it’s a cleaner, safer way to apply tattoo stencils. It is used by thousands of tattoo artists every day. You open the bottle and squeeze a small bit onto a clean glove and wipe it on the skin. Allow 20 minutes to dry, and you are good to go, if you need to move a stencil to reposition it to another area, it can be done easily within 10 minutes of application. After this time it has begun to lock down and so is more difficult to remove.


We spent over a decade searching and testing. “A lot of thought over the last 10 years and began to read and study the process that would lead me to spending 12 months blending, and mixing and testing batch after batch of a basic stencil gel seeing what made it hold on the skin longer and sharper.  Trying to find the best formula, we weighed the ingredients and tested them. We also looked at any flaws that similar products have on the market. Once I felt I had the key to increasing the grip I sent out several batches to be tested by a number of my clients and friends and I listened to what they were saying and adjusted each new batch after that according to their reactions and feedback.

Gary William Cullen

CEO/Owner/Producer at Renegades doo

What our customers say?

Very strong stencil gel... all recommendation to tattoo artists to use it, quality and price are more than equal! It's work with all kinds of indigos... Great job Renegades!!!
Anyway positive feedback for sure. My wife was not up to trying the brutal at start, but I pushed her into using it, same review as mine, just great. Holds way better than stencil stuff. And we like it is thicker, you can hardly go wrong amount wise.
Brutal Stuff is AMAZING !!! There is no better product on market. No blury stencil. Still solid after 5 hours of working.
You created a monster definitely. A client had an urgent call, had to leave before starting a work. About 5-7 minutes drying, then washing with 70% alcohol, leaving alcohol dipped paper on it for few minutes.

Bojan Kiš

Tamara Laslo

Brian Quay

Jovana Bujišić

The most important factors about Brutal Stuff stencil gel

It remains on your skin for many hours

Including the next day if needed.

The stencil will be just like your drawing.

With a very small amount, the results are perfect.

Brutal Stuff stencil gel is fully lab tested + certified and can freely be exported to any country.

We have utilized 2 different labels one in English text for the European union and American market.

The bottles have a unique barcode for that specific volume printed onto each label.

And the expiry date and test certification number is printed onto the bottle itself as each new batch is manufactured.

And other label is in Serbian text which means it is in line with the regulations on exporting / importing to – Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro etc. 

We ship all over the world

We do have some distributors in different parts of the world too, you can check online or with your local supplier and see if they offer what you’re searching for and if they do, you may save on shipping and receive your Stuff quicker too.


UK. contact - Steve or Allen Crane

Thessaloniki - Greece. Contact: Makis Kavadias

South Africa, contact: Johann

New York, USA. Contact: Brian Lybaert


Try Brutal Stuff one time and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

Needless to say Brutal stuff was taken abroad by several artists to France, Germany, USA and the UK while working overseas and from there it has started being sold by registered suppliers in South Africa, Greece, UK, USA, Serbia, and it is growing fast.